Below you will find info on how to choose the right bicycle. If you have any questions, please contact us. We will clarify all uncertainties. You can change the currency in the product options,

Which bike to choose?

Do you know your height? We don't need much more than that! Just check the inner length of your leg (from the ground to the crotch) and you can start riding. You'll handle it regardless of your skills.

Available bike sizes:
AchoBike S - for height up to 100cm (3ft 3,5in)
AchoBike M - for a height of 100-115cm (3ft 3,5in - 3ft 9,5in)
AchoBike L - for height above 115cm (3ft 9,5in)

You can help us fit your bike better by sending these three dimensions in the comments section of your order:
A Your height
B The distance from the ground to the crotch
C The distance from the wall to the tips of your fingers (see picture)
*you can also send us a photo of yourself

Is this your first bicycle?
You will quickly and safely master the art of bike riding if you order your first bicycle along with training wheels for learning and improving your riding skills.