Bicycles without limitations

It is said that simple inventions change people's lives the most. The bicycle has contributed to many social changes in its 200-year history. However, such an obvious and important innovation has not been introduced in years. The AchoBike line of bicycles addresses the needs of people with various forms of skeletal dysplasia. Whether you're 3 years old, 13 or 33+, we can help you choose the right bike and take care of your physical shape. You'll start riding in no time and life will never be the same again!

Our bicycles were created considering certain priorities: riding ergonomics and a safe position when getting on and off - AchoBike allows you to touch the ground with your feet when you stop riding.
Choose the model that suits your needs, and we'll manufacture it for you. Decide on the color and additional accessories and it's time to set off on the most exciting journey of your life.
- Adam Zdanowicz, founder of MAD Bicycles.

AchoBike S

for height up to 100cm* (3ft 3,5in)

AchoBike M

for height of 100 - 115cm*
(3ft 3,5in - 3ft 9,5in)

AchoBike L

for height over 115cm* (3ft 9,5in)

*send us your measurements to get a good fit for your bike - details below

Which bike to choose?

Do you know your height? We don't need much more than that! Just check the inner length of your leg (from the ground to the crotch) and you can start riding. You'll handle it regardless of your skills.

Available bike sizes:
AchoBike S - for height up to 100cm (3ft 3,5in)
AchoBike M - for a height of 100-115cm (3ft 3,5in - 3ft 9,5in)
AchoBike L - for height above 115cm (3ft 9,5in)

You can help us fit your bike better by sending these three dimensions in the comments section of your order:
A Your height
B The distance from the ground to the crotch
C The distance from the wall to the tips of your fingers (see picture)
*you can also send us a photo of yourself

Is this your first bicycle?
You will quickly and safely master the art of bike riding if you order your first bicycle along with training wheels for learning and improving your riding skills.

Ways to finance your bicycle

If you'd like to buy a bicycle for a person of particularly short stature, we have three financing solutions for you. Our previous customers have covered the cost of the bike from various budgets, including private funds. We suggest how you can pay for this special bike below.

1. Private purchase, not reimbursed by NGO

The fastest option for purchase

  • You buy the bike on your own
  • Possibility to issue an invoice
  • Possibility of splitting the payment (advance and final payment)
  • Worldwide shipping
  • All currencies accepted
  • We accept card payments, bank wire transfers, Paypal

2. Private purchase, reimbursed by your foundation

  • You are buying with the intention of getting a reimbursement (refund)
  • We issue an invoice for your billing info
  • You pay for the order
  • You present the invoice to the foundation you cooperate with and get a reimbursement
  • Worldwide shipping
  • We accept card payments, bank wire transfers, Paypal
  • All currencies accepted

3. Foundation/NGO purchase

  • You order a proforma invoice (a preliminary bill) with your foundation's billing info
  • The foundation you partner with pays the order
  • We process the order after payment of the invoice
  • Worldwide shipping
  • We accept card payments, bank wire transfers, Paypal
  • All currencies accepted

Podlaskie Brand of the Year 2018

MAD Bicycles received the prestigious "Podlasie Brand of the Year 2018" award from the Marshal of the Podlaskie Voivodeship in Poland. Bicycles without limitations won in the Utility Product category. The award itself is not based on the amount of sales or the number of employees, but on the high quality and unique values of the produced products. It is dedicated to the best products created in the Podlaskie Voivodeship.

Bialystok Technical University’s Institute of Innovation and Technology LLC

It is a research and development center established to build lasting partnerships between science and business. Its sole owner is the Bialystok University of Technology, and this relationship allows it to develop an existing niche in the R&D field. The institute takes on non-standard and difficult challenges and offers services individually tailored to the needs of each client. IIT carried out a service requested by the MAD Bicycles company consisting of the development of bicycles for people with particularly short stature referred to as dwarfism.